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Export Video Clips from Livestream Studio

The media bins have an export tool that allows you to save your recordings or clips of recordings as .mp4 files on your hard drive.

First, select a video you want to export.    

media 1 panel in studio showing one video selected.

Set In and Out points for your clip. If you want to export the full video, make sure the brackets enclose the entire timeline.

bottom of the media preview window showing in and out points created for the media clip.

When you are ready to export your clip, click on the arrow icon next to the video’s name.

the left side of the media bin with the video name selected, highlighting the arrow icon next to the title.

The double arrow button at the top of the interface turn blue and show a small progression bar as your clip is exporting.

the top of the studio interface where the export indicator turns blue when exporting and shows progress.

Click on the button to view your transcoding queue. This will tell you how much time is left in your clip and the status of any other transcoded or exported video.

the export progress bar clicked on showing the transcoding queue, showing more detailed progress of your video's export.
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