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Import and Display Tweets in Livestream Studio Graphics

You can include a graphics layer of a Twitter feed from a username or hashtag in a graphics overlay in Livestream Studio.

To get started, you may want to consider adding a Twitter graphic template from our Graphics Store. In the GFX panel, select Twitter from the Categories menu, then click +ADD under one of the design options.

A graphics panel in Studio highlighting the ability to add prebuilt twitter graphic templates

When the graphic is imported, you will see the design preview on the left side and a prompt to sign in on the right. Click Sign in with Twitter to open a browser window and sign in to Twitter. This is required in order to allow Studio and Twitter to communicate with each other, however you are not limited to displaying tweets only from your own Twitter account.

A twitter template imported into a graphics layer with a prompt to log into Twitter.
A prompt to authorize Studio to use your Twitter account.

Once you authorize the app, navigate back to Studio. The layer module will open with a default account. Click the gearwheel to enter the graphic’s settings.

the graphics panel highlighting the twitter graphics layer settings button.

Select a username or hashtag to poll. Keep in mind that you must include '#' in the front of hashtags and '@' in front of usernames. When you have typed in the desired handle or tag, press the Enter key.

Twitter layer settings showing the username or hashtag field.

On the right, tweets from that username or hashtag will load on the right side, including each tweet's avatar, name, username, and time stamp.

Twitter graphics panel showing settings on the left and a table of tweets on the right.

Scroll down on the left side of the module to find more settings. You can select how often Livestream Studio should look for new tweets. Newer tweets appear at the top of the panel.


You can also tell Livestream Studio how many tweets to look for within a certain time frame. Select Read Only if you do not want to be able to edit the tweets.

Twitter graphic layer settings showing how often to look for tweets and whether to limit the number of tweets pulled in by amount or time, along with a 'read only' checkbox.

Scroll down in the settings to configure any desired Auto-Loop options.

Twitter graphic layer settings showing autoloop options such as interval, where to start from, and direction.

If you wish to adjust the appearance of the graphic or change what information is shown, click the paintbrush icon to open the GFX Designer. You can adjust the placement, size, font, and color of any of the text fields by selecting it and clicking the gearwheel icon.

the bottom of the graphics designer showing the different elements of the twitter graphic.

If you do not wish to use a Livestream Graphics template, you can also create your own by opening the Create Custom Graphic menu, hovering your mouse over Social, and selecting Twitter post.

the graphics panel showing the create custom graphic menu, highlighting social followed by twitter post.

Follow the login steps as described above, then open the GFX Designer. Click on the list button in the Twitter layer, and you can add any data field from Twitter such as the tweet, username, avatar, etc. as well as any other design element.

the bottom of a blank graphics designer showing the data menu opened to show all data options: avatar, name, username, tweet, and timestamp.
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