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Connect Mevo to Studio via IP

If your local network has firewall or anti-virus restrictions in place and causes your Mevo to not appear automatically as a standard Remote Input, you can connect a Mevo to Studio by finding its IP address and entering it into Studio.

To find your Mevo camera's IP address, launch the Mevo app on your mobile device, tap Configure Mevo and connect Mevo to the the same network to which your Studio system is connected.

Once Mevo is connected, tap the Info (i) icon to the right of the network name.

Select the Manual IPv4 tab; below this is the IP address, which will be four numbers separated by periods.

You can also get Mevo's IP address from other network admins tools such as your Wi-Fi router or DHCP server.

In Studio, open the Inputs tab, navigate to Add Input > Remote, then select Add Mevo by IP.

The below window will open prompting you to enter Mevo's IP address. Enter the IP address from Mevo, then click Submit.

After a moment, Mevo will connect to Studio, after which you can configure its settings and switch into your production as you would if you connected through the standard remote camera process.

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