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Controls & Options in Livestream Studio Media Bin

Each Media Bin comes with a variety of controls and options for playing back your clips.


Select the desired clip you want to play to highlight it. It will appear in the player to the right.

The bottom left of the module includes general playback options. If you want to your video to start playing as soon as you transition it into Program, make sure Autoplay is checked. Otherwise, your video will start on a freeze frame.


To the right of Autoplay is Playlist, which will play all video files in your bin chronologically with no break or black frames in between. When the last clip plays, Studio will automatically transition from the Media Bin to the source in Preview.


Next is the Loop Playback button, which will play the selected video on repeat rather than play the next clip or transition to the Preview source.


Selecting both Play as List and Loop Playback will play all of your clips in order, then restart from the top when the last clip ends.

At the bottom of the player are player controls and a blue time bar. Use your mouse to drag the red scrubber to any point within the clip.

With your mouse, you can drag and drop both ends and set In and Out points if you want to playback only a portion of your clip. You can also set In and Out points by dragging the scrubber to the desired point and pressing the corresponding In or Out bracket button above the timeline.

The main playback controls primarily control where the scrubber moves to. They are:

  1. Jump to beginning of the entire clip
  2. Jump in In point
  3. Frame back
  4. Play from In point to Out point
  5. Play from scrubber's current location to the end of the clip
  6. Frame forward
  7. Jump to Out point
  8. Jump to end of the entire clip

There are default hotkeys set for various media playback options, which you can find and custom configure by navigating to Settings: Hotkeys.

When Loop Playback is turned off, Studio will countdown your video from 20 seconds (yellow) and then 10 seconds (red), allowing you to prepare your next source in Preview. When the clip reaches zero, Studio will seamlessly transition from the Media Bin to the source in Preview.

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