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Create a text crawler or ticker in Studio

Livestream Studio's graphics overlay bins support the ability to scroll static or data text in a vertical or horizontal direction at a customizable speed.

First you need to design you graphics layer. Open a GFX tab and either choose from a pre-built template or select Create Custom Graphic.

Once your layer is created, select the paintbrush icon to enter the GFX Designer.

Select either Static Text or use a Text data field. This feature does not work on images or video assets. This example will use Static Text.

Type in your message and use the gearwheel to design it as you normally would (fonts, colors, etc.) At the bottom of the text settings menu is a checkbox for Scroll Text.

Checking this box will reveal more options. You can choose the direction (Right to Left, Left to Right, Bottom to Top, or Top to Bottom).


Below this is the speed meter, which by default is at its slowest; drag the bar to the right for a faster scroll speed.


Below this are two checkboxes:

  • Motion Blur: Softens the text which may make it easier to read while in motion.
  • Clear screen before looping: The text will completely scroll through the box before the beginning of the message reappears. If you don't select this, the beginning of the message will immediately follow the end of the message.
    • If you use dynamic text, a row of text will always clear the screen before the next row of text begins to scroll through.

The same settings work for data text sources. When dealing with multiple rows of text, the scroll will start with the top item and work its way down the list and loop back to the top automatically. If you select Clear screen before looping, one row will clear the screen entirely before the next items starts scrolling in.


From here, mix your scrolling text in as you would with any other graphics overlay.

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