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Studio Log and Streaming Information

Livestream Studio displays basic information about your stream as well as a log with various warnings and notifications regarding your stream.

When streaming is active, the stream module displays a network dashboard alongside a streaming log on to provide live updates on streaming status.

  • FPS: Displays the current outgoing FPS.
  • Mbps (Kbps): Displays the current outgoing bitrate.
  • Viewers: Displays the number of concurrent viewers watching the stream.
  • Stream Status: Displays the current status of the stream (e.g. "Perfect Streaming").
  • Streaming Log: Displays live streaming updates.

Common messages you may see in the streaming log are:

  • Perfect Streaming: The stream is going out with no issues.
  • Internet Too Slow for Quality: Upload bandwidth does not support selected quality. This is generally an on-site IT issue and should be escalated to the IT department. Changing quality requires the stream to be stopped and restarted.
  • Lost Internet Connection: Internet connection has been lost. Again, check with onsite IT if this happens.
  • CPU Warning: CPU percentage is getting very high.
  • Problem publishing to primary server: Studio is unable to stream to the primary publishing point due to local Internet connection issues or an issue with the publishing point.
  • Antilag Feature Triggered: Antilag has been triggered based on the selected queue limit (see Streaming Preferences above).
  • Audio Peak Warning: Audio levels are peaking above normal levels.
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