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Stream to Multiple Providers Using Livestream Studio

You have the option to stream to multiple providers at the same time using Livestream Studio.

Your video is only encoded once, so CPU demands for this feature are similar to those for streaming to just one provider. However, bandwidth requirements will be higher. Multiple streams will use as much bandwidth as the qualities selected for each provider.


Example: If 720p + 480p + 360p + 240p (4862Kbps) Stream Quality is selected for Livestream and ‘Highest Quality’ is selected for Facebook (in this case, 720p), then the total outgoing bitrate will average 4862 + 2128 = 6990Kbps. We always recommend having twice the upload speed on your network as the selected bitrate, which is about 14Mbps upload speed in this case.

You can also utilize this feature to send multiple streams to the same provider with different audio tracks (e.g. languages). Learn more

Start by clicking one provider’s logo to add it to Studio (this example will use Livestream).

Log in to the selected provider to configure your stream settings.

Configure your stream destination as you normally would (e.g. select your Livestream event).

Now add a second provider by clicking the + button in the lower left corner of the Stream module. 

Select a second provider (this example will show Facebook). 

Log in to that provider; allow any permissions that the provider may request in order to use it with Studio.

Configure your stream’s destination for that provider, i.e. which profile is streaming, to which page or group, and your desired audience.

You can click Advanced Settings to configure further settings for that provider if you wish.

At the top of the overall Stream panel, your stream title, bitrate, and aspect ratio.

If you need to change a setting for a particular provider, click the provider's icon at the bottom of the panel. The selected provider will be a ligher shade of gray.

Click Go Live in the bottom right corner to start your stream. 

The Stream module in Studio will show the streaming status for each provider along the bottom of the interface, as well as the overall outgoing bitrate in the middle of the panel.

Open a web browser and go to your selected stream destinations. You will see the exact same live content in each player. 

You can deactivate a provider by hovering your mouse over its icon and unchecking the checkbox in the upper left corner of the popup box. If this is done while you are streaming, that will stop the stream on that provider only.

You can reactivate that provider at any time (live or not live) by checking the checkbox.

When your event is over, click Streaming in the lower left corner to end the stream.

Studio will let you know that the stream has ended and display the maximum viewers your event had and the stream duration.

Certain providers may have actions for you to take after the broadcast. For example, Livestream will ask if you want to post the video on demand, save it as a draft, or delete it (‘Save draft’ is selected by default.) Choose your desired option, then click Done.

If you want to remove a provider from your workflow entirely, select its icon in the bottom of the interface to open its settings, then click X delete in the upper right corner of the module. You can add it back at any time. 

If you wish to stream to Livestream and another destination but have limited bandwidth, you may want to look into simulcasting via the Livestream platform or Vimeo.

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