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Stream to a Scheduled Event on Vimeo via Studio

In order to stream to a scheduled event on Vimeo from Studio, you need to follow the steps below in order for the event to appear as an option in Studio.

First, in a browser, go to your Vimeo video manager, click on New video, then select “Create live event” or “Create a webinar”. Vimeo allows you to create either a one-time event (only go live once), a recurring event or a webinar (which you can go live to repeatedly).

You must have a Vimeo Premium or Vimeo Enterprise membership in order to go live to Vimeo.

By default, Recurring will be selected, although you can also choose to make this a one-time event.

After setting the title, time, and audience, you will be brought to the event setup page and your event is available to select from in Studio. There is no need to click the "Next" (for one-time event) or “Manage production” (for recurring event) button on this page, especially if your event is more than 90 minutes away.

Launch Livestream Studio and navigate to the Stream tab. Select Vimeo and log into your Vimeo account.

Under the Stream tab, open the Select Event menu. Your event should be listed here. The rest of configuring your stream is the same as streaming to a new event.


When you are ready to start your stream, click Go Live in the bottom right corner.

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