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Setting Up a Video Output

Livestream Studio allows you to send up to 25 video signal separate to different sources such as monitors, projectors, etc. This requires multiple Blackmagic Design video cards that can output a video signal.

Trying to set up an NDI output? Learn more.

Navigate to the Outputs tab in Settings and click the + button to add an output source.

Select which device will be used for the output (Studio hardware products such as the HD550 have the DeckLink Mini Monitor pre-installed).

If you are using a Livestream HD hardware product (HD31, HD51, HD550), make sure your Project Format is not in Streaming Optimized mode. The DeckLink Mini Monitor cannot output when using those project formats.

Next, select which source will be output through each device. You can output your Program feed or any other input source (e.g., CAM1).

When you have finished setting your output(s), click Save. You will now see the selected source(s) being sent to your monitor, projection system, etc.

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