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Using External Multi-Screen with Livestream Studio

If you have a second monitor connected to your system, you have the option of displaying all or part of your multi-view by using your system’s graphics card. The software can support up to a Quad GPU setup out of a graphics card which can output to up to 4 displays.

For best results, we recommend connecting the secondary display to the available HDMI port on the graphics card connected to your Livestream Studio system (It will also work with DVI and VGA connections). 

 First, check your computer’s display settings in Control Panel. In Screen Resolution, go to the Multiple Displays menu and select Extend these displays.

In Livestream Studio, go to settings and click on the Multi-Screen tab. With the second monitor connected, it will include additional settings.

You should see your display listed in the Connected Display drop-down menu. Select the display and click Identify.

Select the resolution and frame rate at which you want Livestream Studio’s multi-view to output.

Next, determine which layout you want to see in your external monitor.

Below the layout selection, use your mouse to drag and drop each video source you want to see into the appropriate box below.

In addition to video sources, you can include a logo, time of day, viewer count, and stream status.

If you drag a logo into your external multi-view, click on it to be given the option to upload a logo image.

Underneath the multi-view preview, you will see options for showing or hiding specific overlays on the multi-view and for whether you want to allow your mouse onto that display.

When you have set your multi-view to your desired preferences, click Save. You will see the multi-view appear on your external monitor.

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