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Use a Skaarhoj Control Panel with Studio

As of version 6.5, Livestream Studio is compatible with Skaarhoj live switching control panels, allowing you to control many core aspects of your production from an external device.

Skaarhoj provides instructions configuring the controls on the panel for Studio here.


For a complete walkthrough, see the following video produced by Skaarhoj:

Connect a Skaarhoj panel to Studio


Connect your Skaarhoj panel to your computer running Studio via an Ethernet cable. The panels utilize Power Over Ethernet (POE) so only one cable is needed.


Launch Studio. Navigate to the settings via the gearwheel button in the upper right corner, then navigate to the Hardware Control tab. Toggle the Allow incoming connections switch to On (it will turn blue).


Livestream Studio

When the IP address of your panel comes in, click Allow to the right to connect the panel to Studio. You can also choose Block if you do not recognize an incoming IP address. 


Click Save. You should notice the OLEDs on your panel matching your source names in Studio.


Control Features on Skaarhoj Panels


Once your Skaarhoj control panel is connected, you can control numerous aspects of Studio via the panel.


Your input sources will appear on the panel in the same order in which they are listed in the Inputs menu in Studio. Your control panel may include a Shift key that you can hold down to see the next set of sources if they do not all fit into a single row.


You can toggle the user menu buttons (e.g. U2) left and right to navigate to different pages on the panel to control different aspects such as media playback and audio controls. 


Aspects of Studio that Skaarhoj panels can control include:

  • Start/stop recording
  • Start/stop streaming
  • Preview/Program source switching (via Cut, Auto, or fader bar)
  • Preview and mix in graphics overlays
  • Play/pause media source (full clip or only the selected segment)
  • Adjust program audio levels
    • Tip: Pressing the knobs will switch between "fine" and "coarse" adjustment modes, allowing you to control how much of an adjustment will be made.
  • Adjust source audio levels
  • Adjust headphone volume
  • Mute/un-mute sources
  • Adjust source audio gain
  • Lock audio source in Program (or toggle off to keep the audio source following its video source in and out of Program)
  • Fade to black (FTB)
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