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Introduction to Multi-View & Preview/Program Switching

The Advanced interface mode of Livestream Studio is designed for traditional Preview/Program switching, with controls available via mouse, defined keyboard shortcuts, and assigned controls on the Livestream Studio Surface or Surface Go.


The software includes a multi-view that allows you to see all of your video sources and graphics overlays in one display.

If you are not seeing your full multi-view, go to the Multi-Screen tab in settings, and check Enable Primary Screen Multi-View, then click Save.

At the top of this multi-view are two larger monitors, which are called Preview (left) and Program (right).

Preview is where you would typically review any video source or graphics overlay prior to transitioning it to your recording and/or stream.

Program is the content that is currently showing in your recording and/or stream; it is what your viewers are currently watching.

Below Preview and Program is an arrangement of smaller monitors with every camera input, graphics overlay channel, media bin, remote camera, and color source that you are using.

A standard multi-camera production typically involves putting a source into Preview, then using a transition control to switch it into Program.

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