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Configuring a Keyboard to Use with Livestream Studio

You can create custom keyboard shortcuts in Livestream Studio by assigning hotkeys.

Open the settings menu and click the Hotkeys tab.

This will reveal a list of controls. Each control has a default hotkey assigned to it.

The images below show the Livestream Studio Keyboard, which is simply a standard keyboard that is designed to reflect the default hotkey settings. However, you can use hotkeys in Livestream Studio with any keyboard.

Some common default keyboard commands include:

The 1 key will put your first input source into Preview

Pressing 2 puts the second input source into Preview, 3 puts the third source in Preview, and so on.

Similarly, to put your first input source directly into Program, press the F1 key on your keyboard.

F2 will put the second source into Program, F3 the third source, and so forth.

Mac Users: In order to use the F1, F2, etc. hotkeys, you must either hold down the fn key when pressing them or go to System Preferences > Keyboard and make sure Use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys is checked.

Pressing Enter will cut between Preview and Program sources, while pressing the spacebar will activate an auto-transition between those sources.

You can customize these hotkeys to better fit your workflow if you wish.

The keyboard that Livestream provided with all Studio Hardware units is designed to fit the default hotkey settings when you are producing a live event. It will operate as a normal keyboard when typing into text fields and when using it with other applications.

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