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Screen Capturing with Livestream Studio

When adding your inputs in Livestream Studio, one source you can include is your computer's screen(s).


Navigate to Add Input > Local Camera. You can select a local screen from the menu that opens up.

This feature is ideal for systems with multiple monitors connected (e.g. Livestream Studio on one monitor, and a slideshow on another monitor). Please note that local screen capturing will increase CPU.

Once you select a screen, it will be available in your multi-view. You can transition it into Program just as you can with any other input.

If you see a "Defunct" error notification, you may need to give Studio permission to record your screen.

If you want to change out a screen (i.e. you chose one by mistake), you can open the Device drop-down menu in the Inputs module and choose a different one.

There are a few settings you can configure when capturing a local desktop. Select the corresponding gearwheel in the Inputs menu to adjust these.

Under General settings, you can check your audio source; if you want to hear audio coming from your computer, make sure LivestreamDesktopAudioCapture is selected. You can also choose whether you want your mouse cursor to be displayed; this is disabled by default.

If you need to bring in local audio from your desktop, make sure to go into your system's Sound settings and ensure that LivestreamDesktopAudioCapture is the selected output or playback device, rather than your system's speakers or headphones.

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