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Setting Your Project Format

To configure your Studio Project Format, click on the gear wheel in the upper right corner of Livestream Studio.

The first tab is Project Format. This menu is where you set your project video quality and format as well as adjust some interface configurations. The video formats that are available to choose from are based on which Definition you select.

  • Streaming Optimized (previously referred to as Low CPU Performance) includes 720p project formats, which are ideal for streaming particularly on laptops and lower end CPUs.
  • Ultra HD includes 4K formats, which should only be used if you have 4K-compatible cameras and capture cards.
  • HD has the most options for video formats, including 1080i, 1080p, 720p, NTSC, and PAL formats.
  • Low Definition has 480p, 432p, 360p, NTSC, and PAL formats and will auto-downscale any HD inputs to the selected format.

Either a 1080p or 720p format will produce the best quality stream, as they eliminate the need to de-interlace. All formats will be true broadcast quality when recording and outputting the video.

After choosing your Definition, choose your specific Project Video Format.

Check each camera’s settings to ensure that they all match each other as well as your project format. This will keep your CPU consumption low. 

Be sure to save your settings. Next, connect your cameras if you haven't done so already, then configure your inputs.

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