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Creating, Importing, and Exporting Projects

Livestream Studio has the ability to save, load, import, and export Livestream Project files, allowing you to keep configurations saved on your system so you can use them whenever you need to, without starting from scratch.

When you open Livestream Studio, by default you will be working on your previous project (or Untitled Project if it is your first time launching Studio). Click on the title in the upper right corner to see more options.

To rename your project, simply type the name into the text box. When you click out of the window, the project will automatically be renamed.

Best practice: Consider making a template project with standard production elements you intend to use regularly, give it a clear name, and export it to a place you will easily find it (e.g. Desktop). Exporting is discussed below.

Now your project is renamed. As you configure it (e.g. add graphics templates, import media clips, arrange inputs, etc.), it will save automatically. This occurs regardless of the project being renamed, but now you can identify it.

You can create a new project at any time by clicking on your project title and selecting New.

A new untitled project will open with default configurations. As mentioned above, you can rename the new project by clicking on the title.

To go back to working on a previously saved project, click on the project title and click Open. A dropdown list of your projects will appear. Click the project that you want to work on.

The selected project will then open as it last appeared in Livestream Studio.


You may want to keep a Studio project configuration saved on your hard drive if you intend to use it often or move it to another Studio system. For this case, we created the Import/Export feature. When your Studio project is configured the way you like it, click the project title, then Export.

You will have the option to bundle or reference assets. Bundle is ideal if you need to move the file to a different hard drive or system, but creates a larger file. Reference is a smaller file, but will not move any associated assets (media clips, etc.) After selecting your preferred option, click Select.

Choose where on your system you want to save the  Livestream Project file (.lsproj). By default, your operating system will open a newly created Livestream Studio Export Projects folder under Documents, but you can save the file anywhere you want where you know you will quickly be able to locate it. Then, click Save.

Your system will warn if you already have a .lsproj of the same name and give you the option of replacing it. If you click No, you will have the option to rename it in your save location.

If you imported media files into your media bin, you will be asked whether to save the original video files or their transcoded versions (i.e., the files created after they were brought into Studio). 

If you select Transcoded then those videos will not need to be re-transcoded upon opening your project, which can help save time.

When you are ready to use that particular project file, you can click on the project title and then on Import.

Shortcut: You can also launch that project if you find it in your system (e.g. on your desktop) and double-click it to open Studio to that project.

Find your .lsproj file in Windows, select it, and click Open.

This will create a new project in Livestream Studio with the proper configurations set. You can rename this by clicking the project title if desired.

If you no longer intend to use the project you are working on, you can click the project title and then Delete. This will not delete an exported file, but you will no longer be able to select it from the Open menu.

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