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Use Standard Definition-only Formats

If you use Livestream Studio on a low-performance computer, you can help preserve your CPU by using Low Definition and Streaming Optimized project formats.

In settings, under the Project Format menu, there are various options for Quality and Format. Alongside High Definition mode, Studio offers Streaming Optimized (previously known as Low CPU Performance) Ultra HD, and Low Definition modes.

Studio project format settings, showing definition options

Streaming Optimized includes 720p formats only; Low Definition mode includes 480p formats and lower. These should be selected when using low-performance computers and laptops.

Studio project format settings showing available formats in streaming optimized mode
Studio project format settings showing available formats in low definition mode

Studio supports hardware encoding and decoding via NVIDIA NVENC/NVDEC or Intel Quick Sync, which also greatly reduces CPU usage on low-performance computers.

 Any HD input sources will convert to the selected project format automatically.

Studio input setting showing the convert panel automatically turned on.

When using Low Definition mode, you will only be able to stream in a resolution equal to your selected Project Format regardless of which streaming provider you use. This is to preserve the CPU. 

Studio stream panel showing limited streaming resolution and bitrate options.
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