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Use the legacy Livestream Studio USB Dongle

If you previously made a one-time purchase of Livestream Studio for your own Windows computer, you received a USB dongle that gives you access to your full Studio license.


You should first download and install the Studio software onto your PC.


By plugging this dongle into a USB 2.0 port, you'll be able to access all of Livestream Studio's production features.

a photo of the red USB dongle with the livestream studio logo on it.

The dongle must be connected to your PC at all times while using Livestream Studio in order to use the software. If you have multiple computers that require full access to Livestream Studio simultaneously, then you will need one dongle per system. 

Additional Notes about Using the Dongle

  • The Studio Dongle is not compatible with macOS systems; you must use it with a Windows computer.
  • The Studio Dongle does not include the ability to stream to the Livestream or Vimeo platforms. If you wish to use Vimeo as a streaming destination, you will need to upgrade to an Advanced or Enterprise plan.
  • Livestream Studio hardware units (HD31, HD51, HD550, etc.) do not require an additional software dongle. The license will already be unlocked when you launch Livestream Studio on those systems.
  • We urge you to keep your Studio dongle in a safe place. If you are building a custom computer to run Studio, consider building it so that the dongle is on the inside of the unit.
  • We do not support plugging the USB dongle into the USB 3.0 port due to inconsistent results. If you have done this and were able to load Studio successfully, please let us know by contacting us and providing your system's hardware specifications.
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