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What Cameras Work with Livestream Studio?

Livestream Studio is compatible with USB webcams, consumer HDMI camcorders, and higher end HD-SDI cameras. Older cameras can also connect via component, composite, and S-Video provided you have the proper video capture cards to connect them to your PC.

USB Webcams are ideal for very localized use, as most webcams' cables do not extend beyond six feet.


HDMI cameras range in size and cost and work best for shorter distances. While longer HDMI cables are available, we recommending staying below 20 feet to retain optimal video quality.


HD-SDI cameras are much pricier but can be worth the cost if your production requires long cable runs. SDI cables can transmit audio & video over hundreds of feet without losing video quality.


Livestream Studio does support 4K camera inputs, provided that you install a 4K compatible capture card. Please be advised that not all providers support streaming in 4K at this time. 

A Note Regarding PTZ Cameras

If you wish to use a PTZ camera with Livestream Studio, it must either include a video output interface (e.g. SDI) or be NDI compatible. If your PTZ camera does not include either of these specifications, then it will not work with Livestream Studio.

360 Cameras

Livestream Studio does not support 360 cameras and video formats at this time.

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