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Common Issues and Troubleshooting the Broadcaster mini

On your Broadcaster mini, there are 6 Indicator lights.  

Starting from the left, you have your power indicators.  If you are powered through USB, you will notice the thunderbolt displayed as blue.  This is letting you know that the device is receiving power.

If you are powering the device just using the internal batteries, the blue thunderbolt light will not appear.  If all lights are lit, then the battery is fully charged and will decrease based on battery life.  All three should be stable however if you get down to one light, the indicator light will flash, informing you that you are running low on battery life.


To the right of the power indicators, you will see your HDMI indicator.  When you are connected with your HDMI signal, the light should appear as green.  A red light will appear if an HDMI signal is not detected.  

You will also be notified in your app preview that the signal has been lost or is no longer detected.

The next indicator light is your Wi-Fi indicator.  This lets you know you are connected to your Wi-Fi network with a stable green light.  Difficulty connecting will be indicated with an amber light and no connection established will appear as a red light.  


The check mark light is there to inform you that all systems are a go and you are ready to start streaming.  The green light indicates that you have an HDMI signal and are connected to a Wi-Fi network.  If it detects any issues, it will not be lit.


Finally, the Go Live light will flash red as soon as you go live.  


Troubleshooting Steps


If you are seeing any video distortion that isn’t present within the video source (i.e. your camera), there could be a mismatch of the input format selection.  To resolve, select HDMI Input Format or adjust accordingly based on the format from your camera.

If you have audio signal going into the broadcaster but it’s not coming through to the stream, double check the audio settings in the application.  Make sure HDMI is selected.  

If you are unable to change settings on the Broadcaster via the App, you can start by closing out and re-opening the application.  If you are still unable to change settings, reboot the Broadcaster (power off and back on) to re-establish a connection.

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