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Configuring Static IP on Broadcaster Pro

If you wish to connect your Broadcaster Pro to the Internet using a static IP address (i.e. the "Manual" connection option), you will need to know the following:

  • IP Address: [Available IP address]
  • Netmask: [Subnet Mask]
  • Gateway: [Router IP Address]
  • Name Server: [DNS Server]
  • Domain: [See Below]

The "Domain" is an item that is set by the Network Administrator when configuring the main router on a network. You can find this within Windows/Mac settings by following the instructions below: 



  • Open a Command Prompt window [type CMD in search bar]
  • Type:  "ipconfig" and press ENTER
  • It will come up at the top under "Connection-specific DNS Suffix" 


  • System Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS
  • Comes up under "Search Domains"


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