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Going Live with Broadcaster Pro

On the main display on the Broadcaster Pro. You will see Go Live in the upper right corner.

If you do not see Go Live, that means the Broadcaster Pro is not ready to stream. This is usually because it is not receiving your video signal or the encoder is initializing.

When you are ready to start streaming, press the red selector button next to Go Live.

You will see a Notify Followers? prompt. Use the joystick to toggle between Yes or No. Selecting Yes sends your followers who have enabled notifications an email or text message that your event is live.

Selecting No allows you to go live without any emails or push notifications being sent. Push the joystick to choose your preference and start streaming.

The Broadcaster Pro will begin streaming to the selected event page. The display on the Broadcaster Pro will keep a timer of how long you have been live, your bitrate, and the status of your stream.

The live player will appear at the top of the event page; it typically takes 20-30 seconds to load.

When your event is over, you can stop your stream by pressing the selector button next to Stop.

The Broadcaster Pro will display an ‘Are you sure?’ prompt. To stop the stream, use the joystick to toggle to Yes, then press it.

The Broadcaster Pro will stop the stream and prompt you to post your video, save as a draft, or delete it. Use the joystick to select the option you prefer.

If you select ‘Delete,’ there is no way to recover your video recording from Livestream.

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