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Broadcaster Pro Firmware Updates

When a firmware update is available for the Broadcaster Pro, the display will prompt you to update once the device is connected to the Internet.

It is always recommended to keep your Broadcaster Pro's firmware up to date for optimum performance and stability.


Broadcaster Pro Firmware v2.1.6 Release notes:

  • Various stability improvements & bug fixes

Broadcaster Pro Firmware v2.1.5 Release notes:

  • Various stability improvements & bug fixes 

Broadcaster Pro Firmware v2.1.3 Release notes:

  • New platform authentication system. 
  • Device Pairing stability improvements.
  • Support for TLS 1.2
  • Various stability improvements & bug fixes.

Broadcaster Pro Firmware v2.1.2 Release notes:

  • Fixed: Web / app controls stop working after adjusting HDMI/Audio settings. 
  • Fixed: Ability to use Studio mode on a LAN without WAN connectivity.
  •  Various minor user interface and stability improvements.

Broadcaster Pro Firmware v2.1.1 Release notes: 

  • Improved general stability
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improved USB Modem compatibility: 
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Sierra Wireless 313u modem
  • Fixed: Network compatibility and stability issues. 
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