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Remove "LivestreamDesktopAudioCapture" From Mac Computers

When you install Livestream Producer, an extension called LivestreamDesktopAudioCapture is installed along with it. This allows for audio from your computer to be captured and streamed out should you choose to use the screencapturing feature of Producer.

When you uninstall Livestream Producer on a Windows computer, this extension will also be uninstalled automatically. However, to remove it from a Mac system, you will need to take the following additional steps:

Go to Finder and select your Mac OS SSD. Then navigate to System > Library > Extensions > LivestreamDesktopAudioCapture.kext.

Drag the file into the Trash.

Empty the trash.

Restart your computer. The extension will be fully uninstalled.

Looking to remove ProcasterAudioRedirector instead? See here for instructions.

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