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I'm Having Issues Streaming with Livestream Producer

If you are using Livestream Producer and having trouble either starting a stream or keeping your stream going, there are a few steps to take to troubleshoot.

First, here are some known issues with Livestream Producer.

  • If you're using a Windows machine and you have the application installed under a non-admin username, you will have issues running the Producer software. You must install under the Admin username. 
  • We've received reports from customers of CPU spikes when using Livestream Producer on a system with an Intel Xeon E5 processor. We recommend customers avoid these type of processors with Producer.

If you are unable to start a stream with Producer:


If you click Go Live and you receive an error message that you cannot go live, this indicates that Producer is not able to communicate with the Livestream servers. This is typically caused by network security settings, such as blocked firewall ports or anti-virus software. Check and open the necessary ports on your network and disable any system firewalls (e.g. Windows Firewall).


If this doesn't resolve the issue, the next step would be to restart your computer. If you still have no success, try uninstalling and reinstalling Producer.


If at that point you still cannot go live, please save your logs and contact us.


If Producer stops streaming during a live broadcast: 


If Producer is streaming live but then stops, try to take note of the status message you received on the life side of the Producer control panel before the stream stopped.

Status Messages in Livestream Producer:

  • Perfect Streaming: Your stream is being sent to the Livestream server perfectly. There are no issues with lag, your connection, or your CPU.
  • CPU above 80%, try closing other apps or stop lower quality: Your CPU usage is above 80%. Try freeing up processor resources by closing some applications. If your CPU reaches 100%, Producer may stop broadcasting; if this happens, try streaming at a lower quality.
  • Internet too slow for quality, avoid shared connections or stop and lower quality: Producer is not getting the full bandwidth needed to stream at the selected quality. You should stop the stream and select a lower quality/bitrate.
  • Lost internet connection. Attempting to reconnect. Local MP4 still recording: Your internet connection was lost and Producer is trying to reconnect. The local recording will always keep recording.

Almost always, this behavior occurs if your CPU or internet connection cannot handle the quality you selected. The first steps should always be to close other applications and test with a lower quality. If behavior does not improve, please save your logs and contact us.

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