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I Can't Log in to Livestream Producer

If you are attempting to log in to Livestream Producer and keep receiving an error, try some of the steps below to resolve:

Can you log in to

This may seem obvious, but the majority of cases that have to do with not being able to log in are due to typing in the wrong email address or password. Livestream passwords are case sensitive, so be careful typing in your password.


Try going to and logging in there. If you are unable to log in, the issue is almost certainly the email address or the password. Try resetting your password.


Check your firewalls or network security settings

Often times, users are unable to log in because a Firewall in their network is blocking access. Disable any system Firewall and anti-virus software you have installed. Be sure to check your network ports too.


Uninstall and reinstall the Livestream Producer software
An improper installation of the Livestream Producer software can result in the inability to log in. Uninstalling the current version completely and reinstalling should resolve the issue.

Verify the date on your computer
If you are unable to login to Livestream Producer but you are able to login to the website with the same credentials, make sure that you have the date correct on your PC/MAC.

Here's why the date is now important to have correct: 

Livestream uses HTTPS (secure HTTP) to do all communication to our servers. This is to ensure that there could be no unwanted tapping. These certificates check the date of your computer. If the date falls outside of the appropriate range, Livestream Producer will see that the certificate is not yet valid, or already expired, thus won't authenticate.


Reset the TCP/IP (Windows Only)
If you are experiencing this issue on a PC and your date is correct, the following steps could also be used as a possible solution:

- Close Producer
- Open Command Prompt
- Type in: netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
- Restart your machine
- Open Producer and try logging in

Doing this resets TCP/IP on the local machine and resolves any issues with login related to that.

If you continue to experience issues, please contact our care team.

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