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Go Live with Livestream Producer

Broadcasting to Livestream is as simple as downloading Livestream Producer, selecting the upcoming event you want to broadcast to and clicking Go Live.

First, make sure your camera input and streaming quality are properly selected.

 Select the event you want to stream to in the events menu.

Click Go Live and you will be prompted to give your broadcast a name. You may also select whether or not to send a notification to your followers that you are live.


Click on Start to begin the broadcast.

Live Streaming Status Bar: Once you’re live, the control bar at the bottom of the screen displays the camera output, bitrate, frame rate, CPU usage, and a stream status message.


Full Status Bar

Left Side: Status

Right Side: Controls

Status Messages:

  • Perfect Streaming: Your stream is being sent to the Livestream server perfectly. There are no issues with lag, your connection, or your CPU.
  • CPU above 80%, try closing other apps or stop lower quality: Your CPU usage is above 80%. Try freeing up processor resources by closing some applications. If your CPU reaches 100%, Producer may stop broadcasting.
  • Internet too slow for quality, avoid shared connections or stop and lower quality: Producer is not getting the full bandwidth needed to stream. You should lower the quality/bitrate of your stream in the main window.
  • Lost internet connection. Attempting to reconnect. Local MP4 still recording: Your internet connection was lost and Producer is trying to reconnect. The local recording will always keep recording.

When your broadcast is over, click on Stop and you will be prompted with the following options to post the video.

Publish Now: will immediately post the broadcast archive on the event page for On-Demand viewing

Save as Draft: This will save the file as a draft before publishing it, this will allow you wait before posting the On-Demand clip which may be useful if you prefer to trim the file before posting it. You can also delete the clip if you do not wish to keep the archive file.

Notify Followers: This will send an e-mail or push notification to your followers once the video on demand has been posted to your event page.

Post or Delete: Post will save the video on demand either publicly (Publish Now) or as a draft (Save as Draft). Delete will remove the video on demand from Livestream entirely. Please note that your default backup recording will still be saved onto your local hard drive.

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