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What is Mevo?

Livestream founder and creator of the original Mevo camera Max Haot purchased the Mevo business from Vimeo/Livestream in April 2019. His company, and the Mevo camera’s new home, is Mevo Inc. 

Mevo Inc. now manages all aspects of the Mevo business, including manufacturing, direct sales, shipping, repairs, returns, and support.

If you are a Vimeo Producer or Premium subscriber with a Mevo camera, nothing changes – Vimeo continues to power the live streaming software and cloud capabilities for all Mevo cameras.

If you are a Livestream Studio Software user, you can continue to use your Mevo as a remote camera source during your broadcasts.

If you are one of our many trusted and valued partners, the only thing that changes is that Max and the Mevo Inc. team are the (not so new) faces behind the brand. You can contact their team at

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