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Finding the RTMP URL and Stream Key for My Event

Livestream Enterprise customers have access to stream their events using a third-party RTMP encoder (not sure what this means? See here).

If you have a Vimeo Premium plan, please see Vimeo's Help Center for streaming via RTMP.

To use this feature, navigate to the event you wish to stream. Click the Editor icon in the upper right corner to open the edit drawer.

Select the Live Tools menu.

Scroll to the bottom to find the RTMP Input option. Select Get Link.

You will be presented with a Stream Key and a Server URL along with a few additional options.


Before copying any of the given information, decide whether you want to send notifications to your followers when you go live, whether to save a recording of your stream to Livestream, and whether to publish that VOD immediately after you stop streaming.

Click Copy next to the Server URL and paste it into the URL field in your encoder's RTMP Output settings (the below example is using Open Broadcaster Software).

Click Copy next to the Stream Key. Most encoders have a field for Stream Key or Stream Name; paste this key into that field.


Keep your stream key private. Giving someone else your stream key will allow them to stream to your event. Click Reset Key to generate a new key if needed.

If your encoder does not have a field for this, put a forward slash (/) at the end of your RTMP URL, then paste the key immediately following it with no spaces). 

Encoder Setup Recommendation

Livestream uses the incoming resolution to determine which qualities the cloud can transcode the video in. Lower incoming bitrates cannot be transcoded to higher qualities in the cloud; in other words, if you stream at a quality less than 720p, then your stream will not be available in 720p or 1080p.


To get the most out of the cloud transcoding feature, we recommend that you configure your encoder as follows:

  • Video bitrate: 5000kbps
  • Audio bitrate: 256kbps
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Frame rate: 30 frames per second
  • Keyframe interval: 2 seconds

Once your encoder is configured, start streaming; your event page will show the live player immediately with up to four different viewing qualities available:

  • 1080p: 5000Kbps video, 256Kbps audio
  • 720p: 2500Kbps video, 256Kbps audio
  • 540p: 1500Kbps video, 256Kbps audio
  • 360p: 500Kbps video, 128Kbps audio

You can end the stream from your encoder at any time.

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