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What Are Some Best Practices for Using Livestream?

To ensure the best experience when using Livestream to broadcast your events, we have provided recommendations and best practices below. 

Bandwidth Recommendations


The most reliable Internet connection when streaming is connecting directly via Ethernet to a dedicated network. This means that no other computers or devices have access to that network. This connection type is less likely to experience bandwidth fluctuation than shared networks or wireless connections.


A general rule of thumb is to have twice as much upload speed available as the bitrate you want to stream at. An average bitrate of each preset quality is listed in the quality menu of all Livestream encoders:

The chart below gives a general guideline of the the recommended upload speeds for some presets:

Firewall Requirements


Your network needs to be able to maintain a back and forth communication with Livestream. In order of importance, the following Firewall ports on your network should be open to incoming and outgoing communication:

  • TCP 1935
  • TCP 80
  • TCP 443
  • UDP 53

Click here for instructions on how to check if these ports are open on your network.


Workflow Tips


If you are using a PC and want true HD video quality, you will need to use a component, HDMI or SDI output on a camera and connect it to a supported capture device.


USB Webcams are also compatible with both software products. Click here for camera recommendations.


Livestream Broadcaster includes an HDMI video input and does not require a capture device or PC.


The Livestream mobile app will use your mobile device’s camera(s) and microphone.


Backup Recording


It is strongly recommended to have a backup recording of your event available should you run into bandwidth issues that could interrupt your stream.


Both Livestream Producer and Livestream Studio produce a backup .mp4 recording by default onto your hard drive. Check your Movies (Macintosh) or Videos (Windows) folder to find your recordings.


Livestream Producer:

Livestream Studio:

Livestream Broadcaster and the Livestream mobile applications do **not** produce their own local recordings. It is best practice to record locally onto a camera or by other means as your backup.

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