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How Do I Embed a Video On-Demand?

All Livestream customers can embed any single video-on-demand (VOD) post from their events after the live broadcast has ended.

Premium & Enterprise customers have the option to include all posts by embedding the entire event.


To embed a VOD, navigate to the event page where the clip is located and click the Posts icon.

Select the video post you want to embed. The VOD will load and give you options in the upper right corner. Select the Share icon.

Click Embed, choose your embed options, then copy the code to paste into your website.

Selecting More Options will expand the window to show more options, including some of which are turned on by default.

Enable comments and post info: Includes the ability see the post description and commenting on the post within the embed

Enable referrer tracking: Allows Livestream analytics to track referrers to your embed.

Autoplay on page load: Video will start playing as soon as your page visitor loads the page.

Mute video by default: Volume will be muted on the player until the viewer un-mutes it.

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