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Overview: What Type of Data Does Livestream Analytics Provide?

With a Livestream Premium or Enterprise plan, you can access in-depth analytics to get specific details about your event viewership, including live viewership from simulcasts to Facebook Pages and YouTube.

If you have a Vimeo Premium account, see Vimeo's Help Center to learn about analytics.

 First, navigate to your dashboard by clicking your photo in the upper right corner.

In the upper right corner, you will notice some quick viewership numbers from the past seven days.

To access more in-depth analytics, select the Analytics tab.


The sections below detail the various types of analytics your Livestream account tracks.

Live Overview


You'll be presented with a general overview of total and concurrent live viewership from Livestream, Facebook, and YouTube, spanning the last seven (7) days by default. These numbers do not include views from video on-demand (VOD).

Our team has provided definitions for what each parameter measures directly in the interface. Hover your mouse over the small question mark icons for details.

The date range can be adjusted via a sliding scale to sort by hours, days, or months. A custom date/time range can also be used.

You can additionally sort by a specific event and by streaming destination.

Once these search parameters have been adjusted, click Update.

Below the graph is individual numbers for both Livestream and Facebook Live. Click View All to see more detailed data for the corresponding provider.


Facebook Live


Analytics from Facebook Live include total live views, unique views, total minutes viewed, and average watch time for your viewers who watched your streams on Facebook Pages rather than on Livestream.

A few notes about this feature: 

  • Analytics can only be collected if you stream to a Facebook Page; analytics for Facebook Profiles or Groups are not available.
  • These analytics are only recorded for those customers who simulcast via their Livestream account, not via Livestream Studio.
  • Please note that your Facebook Live analytics will not be available to view if you disable simulcasting to Facebook in your account settings.

You can filter based on time range, events, and destinations (e.g. Facebook Page, etc.)

Below the chart is data for specific events that were simulcast to Facebook.




Analytics from YouTube include total live views for each event. The chart will show how many live views  you had per day.

YouTube analytics does not include unique views or views on VOD at this time.

Below total live views chart is a breakdown of live views per event.


Facebook Live & YouTube analytics only include data for live viewers. VOD views are not calculated at this time. 

The features discussed below only apply to analytics on the Livestream platform.




This section details the devices used to view your stream(s), with a breakdown of Percentage of Views, Total Views, Unique Views, Total Minutes, and Average duration of each view.

%Views - What percentage of your viewers viewed the stream on a particular device (ex: desktop vs. tablet)

Total Views - Text and image post views are counted when a visitor views them for 2-5 seconds. A video post view is counted when a viewer plays and then stops a video.

Unique Views - Views per browser opened of a given post. If someone opens multiple tabs in the same browser, that is one (1) unique view. However, if that person opens your event in one browser (Google Chrome) and also opens it in another browser (Mozilla Firefox), that will count as two (2) unique views.

  • If a single post is viewed by five (5) different viewers, then five (5) unique views will be counted
  • If a single viewer views five (5) different posts, then each of those posts will register one (1) unique view.


Max. Concurrent Viewers - The highest amount of concurrent viewers on your account, or events in the chosen time frame. This is only available at the account and event level, so it cannot be filtered down in other sections.

Total Minutes - The total number of minutes your content was viewed.

Avg. Duration - The average length of time a viewer spent viewing your content within the selected time range. This is based on total duration and total video views.



Media Type


This section allows you to determine what type of content/media viewers are watching, for how long they are watching, etc.

Recorded: Any video post that has been archived or uploaded.

Image: Any photo post

Live: The live video player

Status: Refers to text posts on event pages.

In the instance that a viewer watches a live broadcast, but also watches that stream's video on-demand, that will count as one (1) unique view in all sections except the Live vs. Recorded section. In that section, a unique view will be counted under Live, and another unique view will be counted under Recorded.




As with Facebook Live, this section measures and displays metrics for specific events under your Livestream account.




This area measures and displays metrics for specific images and videos (archived or uploaded VODs) living within each event.


Referrer Domains


This metric tells you where viewers were referred from. In other words, if they clicked a link to your Livestream event on Twitter, then Twitter would be the referred domain (it usually appears at

Direct = Visitors who found your player without being linked from another website, e.g. typing the website into a browser directly.

"Unknown" may indicate that the player was embedded but referrer tracking was disabled.


View Destination


Here, you will find metrics for any locations where the player was embedded. This gives the producer an idea of the site domain (e.g. or app that were most popular.




An overview of viewership by geolocation. Click the arrow next to the country to see more detailed areas (e.g. states, regions, etc.)


Additional Notes:


You can save a PDF by selecting the Print option in the upper right corner of the Analytics page, then Save to PDF. Alternatively, a CSV file of the selected time/data range may also be downloaded. This will not show all records if the numbers are exceptionally large. To gather this data, use the 'Download CSV' for each section.

If you downgrade your account, you should download your analytics first. You cannot obtain analytics once your account is lower than Premium.

If the total number of views is less than (or otherwise inconsistent with) the maximum concurrent views, this can be caused by an incomplete video view. This means the viewer started but did not stop the stream/video clip they were viewing. This is a common scenario for live broadcasts with no video-on-demand clips posted.

If you are streaming to a third-party player using Livestream's API, you will not receive analytics from that player. The data recorded is only from the player on, embedded Livestream players, and other Livestream playback applications (Livestream app on mobile, Livestream app for Apple TV, etc.)

Please be advised that it can take up to 24 hours for data to fully populate in the analytics dashboard.

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