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What Is a Highlight and How Do I Create One?

You can post video highlights of your broadcast to your event page, which are additional, smaller clips created from your full stream or video-on-demand post. This is good for longer events that have multiple segments, such as a conference with multiple speakers or highlighting specific parts of an interview.

 You can either do this while your event is live or after the video on demand has been posted.


Live Highlight

At this time, highlights created while the broadcast is live they may not be able to play back on some browsers until the broadcast ends. 

While your event is live, click the Edit icon.

Then click Live Highlight.

The live highlight drawer will then open. You can choose the start and end time of the clip you want to post while still watching the live broadcast.

Give the video a title and (optionally) a description.

Click Post to post the highlight to the Posts drawer ('Cancel' will close the live highlight drawer).

Highlight from VOD


Click the Posts icon in your event page to find the post of which you want to create a highlight.

Hover over the desired post, then click the gearwheel that appears. Click Highlight.

The Highlight editor will open. Set a Start and End time for your highlight and give it a name. Then click Post Now.

Now the highlight will appear as a new post in your feed.

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