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How Do I Geo-Block My Event?

Livestream Enterprise customers have the option of restricting where their content gets distributed based on physical location, such as country, region, or even IP address. 

 On your event page, click the Editor icon.

Towards the bottom of the editor, click Geo-Blocking.

By default, your event will not restrict any locations. There are three options in the drop-down menu:

- Do Not Restrict by Geo-Location
- Allow Specified Geo-Locations
- Block Specified Geo-Locations

You can also import geo-block settings that were exported from another event, or export your settings once they are configured for easy access for your next event.

Allow/Block Specified Geo-Locations:  Specify by Location name and/or Specify by Postal Code. 

Specify by Location Name: Select specific Countries, States, and Cities to allow or block.

  • Note: Mobile browsers will require your viewers to allow location services if you geo-block at a more granular level (i.e. the regional, city, postal code, or IP address level). This is due to security settings that are built into mobile browsers. See here for details.

Specify by Postal Code: allow or block specific postal (zip) codes. Remember to separate each with a comma.

Allow "Unknown" locations: Allow unlisted locations.

White Listed IPs: Whitelist specific IP addresses to allow.

  • This additional option will allow you to permit where your event can be embedded/viewed. You can use the " * " wildcard to allow all cases. (Example: 192.*.*.* or 192.168.*.*). Remember to separate each IP address with a comma.

Transfer Geo-Blocking Settings: Allows you to export one event's geo-blocking settings and import them into another event on your account, helping you save time configuring future events.

 Click Update Settings when you are finished. Anyone not within an area that is allowed to view your event will see the following message:

Changes can take up to 90 minutes to take effect.

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