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Overview: What Privacy Features Are Available With the Livestream Enterprise Plan?

The ability to enable privacy features and white labeling of the embedded Livestream player is available with a Livestream Enterprise plan. These features can be found in your event Editor drawer under Privacy.

If you have a Vimeo Premium account, please see Vimeo's Help Center to learn about your privacy options.

Hide Account & Events on

Hiding accounts and events ensures that your content will not be seen on or our Apps. You will be able to see it only when you are logged into your account.

Enterprise White Labeled Embedded Player

With Enterprise, you have the option to remove all Livestream branding from the embedded player. See the comparison below between Enterprise and Premium.




Password Protected Events Embeds
Add a unique password in front of your event page and video player embeds. This will allow you to share your content securely with a restricted viewing community.

Control Embedding Locations
The ability to control which domains (URL's) your embeds and video players can be viewed on will allow you to manage how your content is syndicated. 

Control Geo-Blocking
The ability to restrict or allow geographic regions by Country, State, City, Postal/Zip Code, and IP address blocks.

Viewers who are geo-blocked will see the following message in place of your event:

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