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How Do I Remove Livestream Branding From My Embeds?

With a Livestream Enterprise plan, you may remove all Livestream branding and links to create a completely white-labeled embedded player.

 Click on the event from your dashboard, then click the Editor icon.

Choose the Privacy tab towards the bottom of the menu.

Under the Embedding section, check Hide Livestream branding on embeds. Then save your settings

Now embed your event on your website.


Whether you are live or not, your embed will appear with no Livestream logos or links to Note that this also disables any built-in social sharing features, since those all include links to 

If you want to allow viewers to chat on your white-labeled embed, see here.

If you have a Vimeo Premium account, see Vimeo's Help Center for customizing your embed's branding.

Due to security features added to Mozilla Firefox, viewers who click the fullscreen icon while watching on Firefox will see a notification indicating that is now fullscreen, even with Livestream branding disabled. This is a browser-specific function that Livestream has no control over. This does not occur on other browsers.

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