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How Do I Hide My Content From

Livestream Enterprise customers can hide their account and events on Livestream. This essentially makes them non-existent on to anyone who is not logged into your account.

To hide your account on Livestream:

Open your account settings and click the Advanced tab. Here is where you will find the Account Visibility section.

Select Hidden from Search and

This will remove your entire account from search results and your account will no longer be visible on to anyone except for you (when logged in to your account). This includes all events on your account.


To hide your events on Livestream:

In the event that you want to hide, click the Editor icon in the upper right corner.

Go to the Privacy menu.

At the top of this menu is Event Visibility.

The first option allows your event to still be publicly viewable, but it will not appear in any search results (i.e. viewers would need to have the link to your event to see it). 

The second option will hide the event from entirely. If, for example, you want your event to only be available as an embed on your website, you should check this option.


Be sure to save your settings.

The event header will indicate that the event has been hidden next to its title in the upper left corner.

If you have a Vimeo Premium account, please see Vimeo's Help Center to learn about hiding your content.

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