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Can I Change My Simulcast Settings While Live?

You can start or stop Simulcast streams individually without affecting your Livestream event or your other Simulcast streams. You can also add, remove, or re-connect Simulcast destinations while live. Use this feature to have finer control over your streams to other platforms!

Please note that toggling Simulcast destinations while live will occur in real time. This means that decisions to start or stop the simulcast should be made based on the your in-house production and not the Livestream player, due to the player's 20 second latency.

To stop a current Simulcast, navigate to the Livestream event that is currently live. The event will show a notification if you are currently simulcasting to a streaming destination.

Click the Editor icon to open the edit drawer.

Click Simulcast.

You will see a toggle switch next to your streaming destinations (Facebook, in this example). If it's green, it means simulcasting is enabled for this event. Click it to turn it off.

Your simulcasting notification will now close, and the toggle switch will turn grey. The simulcasted stream will also end on the platform you were streaming to while continuing to stream to your Livestream event.

You can start simulcasting after your event on Livestream has started as well.

To do so, navigate to your event's Simulcast settings. You will be able to toggle any inactive destinations to simulcast to them, even when your event is already live.

Also, you'll be able to start streaming while in Draft mode, then Publish the event when you're ready and have it start simulcasting.

Due to Facebook Terms of Service restrictions, it is not possible to use Facebook Live for Livestream and use YouTube or a Custom Destination at the same time. You must choose one or the other. Learn more.

Your new simulcast will now be active, and you will see a notification showing that your stream is simulcasting to your selected destinations.

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