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How Do I Remove Warnings About My Stream's Bitrate and Resolution in YouTube?

If you are simulcasting to YouTube and seeing a message similar to the example below, it is likely that there is a settings mismatch between your YouTube event and your encoder. There are a few ways to resolve this.

Change Streaming Settings in Your Encoder


If you are using a third-party encoder, or decide to use a Custom quality in Livestream Producer or Livestream Studio, you can adjust the settings there to match YouTube's settings. This is particularly recommended if you are using YouTube's "Stream Now" option.


First, be sure to review YouTube's recommended settings. Take note of which resolution you wish to stream at and adjust your encoder's settings according to YouTube's recommendations.

Simulcast cannot stream above 1080p at this time.

To set a custom quality in Livestream Producer, select Custom from the Quality drop-down menu on the main screen.

To configure the encoder's settings, navigate to Preferences, then Video.

To adjust audio settings, navigate to the Audio tab.

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