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How Do the Event Start and End Times Work?

The event start and end times do not trigger any streaming activity on your event page, but rather display the date and time on the event page and embed so that your viewers have a guideline as to when your event will take place.

When you first create your event and set a start time, you may notice that it lists the date and time.

This start date and time will automatically switch to a countdown clock six hours prior to your configured start time.

When the start time is reached (in other words, when the countdown ends), the event will display an "Off Air" note until you start streaming to your event via one of our supported encoders.


When the end time passes and you are not streaming, the event will indicate how long ago your event ended. It will count minutes up to one hour, after which it will count up by the hour.

When your event end time is older than 12 hours, the event page will automatically switch to display the end date and time.

Keep in mind you can always edit your event start and end times by going to the Editor > Event Details.

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