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Can I Create a Recurring Event?

If you use Livestream to broadcast recurring events, there is currently no direct option to set an event as "recurring" or on a repeated basis. However, we have a few tips below on how you can organize your recurring events on Livestream.


Use a Single Event Page


Each event on Livestream requires a configured start and end time, which are meant to be a guideline for your viewers. However, you can stream to the same event page as often as you need to regardless what the start and end times are.


This means you can link to the same event page URL and use the same embed code for your recurring event without needing to update your website, social media accounts, etc. every time you need to go live. Additionally, having only one event page will reduce the likelihood of choosing the wrong event on your encoder when it's time to go live. This method is most popular for customers who don't need separate branding between individual events or want the simplest possible streaming workflow.


To avoid confusing your viewers, you may want to consider updating your start and end time in between events to accurately reflect the next time you will go live. To do so, click the editor icon on your event page.

Scroll down in the drawer and select Event Details.

Both the Starts and Ends settings each have a date field and a time field. Edit these as desired, then select Update Settings at the bottom of the drawer.

The event page and embed will update to display the configured start time.

Alternatively, some customers choose to simply set their event's end time to the distant future. You can still go live to your event if you do this, but keep in mind that the Start date and time will always be displayed.

Updating your start and end time is not required in order to stream to your event page. You can stream to your event pages at any time; updating the time will simply provide your viewers with accurate information.

Create Separate Event Pages


Another option for managing recurring events would be to create a new event page for every time you plan to go live. If you choose to organize your event broadcasts this way, you will need to replace the event URL and/or embed code on your website, socials, etc. with each new event. You will also need to make sure you select the correct event on your encoder when you go live.


Customers prefer this method for less frequent events (e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.) or to keep occurrences separated from each other rather than all VOD's archived on the same event page.


Some customers have chosen a hybrid of these two methods to organize their events. For example, a church that has services on Sundays and classes on Wednesdays may choose to only create two event pages: one for all streams on Sundays and one for all streams on Wednesdays.

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