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How Do I Moderate the Chat on My Events?

As a Producer on Livestream, you can interact with your viewers during your live broadcast and moderate the conversation with controls such as deleting comments and banning participants. You can also turn off the chat entirely.

Live Chat


In the upper right corner of your live event, you will see a speech bubble icon.

When new chat messages come in, a small red dot will appear on it. There will also be notification balloons populating in the upper right corner of the event.

Click the icon to see the chat window to the right of the player and all the messages in real time.

You and any viewer can choose to turn off chat notifications by clicking the gearwheel at the top of the chat and selecting "Hide Notifications"

Viewers will instead see a bell icon rather than a gearwheel.

As the account owner, you can delete comments and block participants as needed. Hover your mouse over a message and click the options icon (three dots). Click Block Account to ban the participant.

You will see the following window, confirming that blocking a guest user will block their IP address. Click Block Account to continue.

To review accounts and guests you have blocked, go to the top of the chat drawer and click the gearwheel to see more options. Then click Manage Blocked Accounts.

You will see a list of accounts you blocked with a log of when you blocked them. Anyone blocked by IP address was a guest user. Please note that if you block a guest, anyone else chatting under that IP address will also be blocked from your event's chat. This window will indicate how many people were participating under the same IP when you blocked a participant.

To unblock a guest or account, simply click Unblock to the right of their name. Once you do, the text will change to Unblocked and the IP address will be able to access your event's chat again.

Comments on Posts

Once you have completed a live broadcast, you will be prompted to publish your recorded broadcast to your feed. When publishing the recorded clip to your feed, all chats left on the live chat section will appear as comments with the video post

 To see comments, select the post from the Posts menu on your event.

Click the speech bubble icon in the upper right corner to see comments left on the video. 

You can continue to add comments and see comments in real time on any post. You can also delete and ban users the same as you would in the live chat.


Disabling the Chat and Comments


Click the event editor icon, then click Advanced.

Uncheck the Live Chat and Comments options, then click Update Settings. This will prevent any chat messages or comments to be posted by anyone on your event. 

Deactivating the Enable live chat for this event option will disable the Live Chat during the live broadcast on this event page. 


Deactivating the Allow comments on posts will disable viewer comments on all recordings and posts on the event.

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