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Overview: What Is in My Account Settings?

You can configure various settings for your account by clicking the profile image in the upper right corner of any page, then click Settings (you can also click the Settings tab on your dashboard).

There are various types of settings you can adjust organized into tabs on the right side of the page.

Account: Update your personal information including name, e-mail, and mobile number. Additionally, there are a number of features in your profile that can be used to customize your account: 

  • Profile photo: Upload an image (max size: 10mb) that represents your account (logo, etc.)
  • Name: The name of your account (your full name, company name, etc.)
  • Email: The email used to log into your account; also where any billing information and notifications are sent to.
  • Profile URL: This will allow you to create a short name for your account (e.g. to replace your account ID number.
  • Time Zone: Allows your event times to be set in your local time zone.
  • Account Description: Brief description of your account that will appear at the top of your account page.
  • Connected Accounts: Manage which accounts are connected to your Livestream account. Currently only configured for Facebook, which allows you to log into your Livestream account with your Facebook credentials.
  • You can also delete your account by clicking Delete Livestream Account on the bottom right of this page.

IMPORTANT: Deleting your account cannot be undone; all content will be deleted and cannot be recovered. If you decide to create a new Livestream account, you may use the same email address.

 Password: Change your password. 

Simulcast: Stream your content to other destinations such as Facebook Live or custom destinations via RTMP. Available for Premium and Enterprise customers only.

Notifications: Set which notifications you would like to receive via e-mail and/or push notifications (e.g. when an account follows you, when someone donates to your event, etc.)

Plans: View your current Livestream plan, and upgrade or downgrade your plan. 

Billing: Review your recent invoices, change payment method and other billing information, including when you were last billed and when you will be billed next.

Donations: Connect a Stripe account to your Livestream account to start receiving donations within your event pages and embeds. 

Devices: Manage any Livestream Broadcasters connected to your account.

Advanced: Additional options for your account:

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