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Which Cameras Work Best with the Broadcasters?

Streaming from the original version of the Livestream Broadcaster is no longer supported. Please contact support with any questions.

Any camera or camcorder that has an HDMI output will work with any Broadcaster product. While you are not limited to these, some recommendations we have are:

  • Canon XA10
  • Canon XA30
  • Canon XF100

While the Broadcasters are built to work for single-camera streams, some producers have had success using an HDMI program output from switchers as well. Take note that all inputs from that switcher must match the same video format for best performance.


HD-SDI cameras can be used with an SDI-HDMI converter.


Broadcasters do not support analog camera signals or converters (e.g. composite-to-HDMI). Using one of these types of converters can cause the HDMI port to overheat and permanently damage the device.


USB webcams do not work with the Broadcasters. The USB port seen on the Broadcaster and Broadcaster Pro is built for USB 3G/4G modems only.

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