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Can I Control My Broadcaster Remotely?

If your Broadcaster device is in a hard-to-reach spot, you can adjust the settings and start and stop your broadcast remotely.

There are two ways to do this: 

Desktop Browser 


When logged into the account paired to the Broadcaster, a Broadcaster can be controlled from the desired event page by the editor icon, then Go Live.

The second item listed is Connected Broadcasters. Paired devices will be displayed and can be selected if they are Online and Idle.

From the menu, you can see a preview of your video, change the Audio Input source, and the quality of the stream.

Clicking Show Advanced Settings will bring you to further options such as the HDMI Input Format, Audio Channels, and Aspect Ratio.

Once settings are confirmed, clicking the Go Live button will begin the stream. When a stream is active the user will get a video preview and a live readout of stream time and outgoing Kbps with a connection strength indicator.

 To end a stream, click the Stop Broadcast button. 

You can then choose to Post the video on demand, save it as a draft, or delete it.

Livestream Mobile app


To control a Broadcaster remotely from an iOS or Android device, download and install the free Livestream mobile app.

Log in to your Livestream account and tap the navigation menu icon in the upper right corner.

Tap the gearwheel to access settings.

Tap Livestream Broadcaster

You will see any Broadcaster product that is paired to your account. Select the Broadcaster Pro that you are using.

You will see a live preview from your Broadcaster Pro. You can close it by tapping the X in the upper left corner.

Change the event to stream to by tapping the title at the top of the screen.

 Back in the live preview, tap the gearwheel in the upper right corner to enter the Advanced Settings menu. 

You can change your Quality, HDMI Input Format, Aspect Ratio, Audio Input, and Audio Channels in the top section of the menu. 

Below the video and audio settings, you can change the name of the Broadcaster Pro on your account, switch the device into Studio mode, or perform a factory reset on the device.

 Tap Save in the upper right corner to ensure your settings take effect on the Broadcaster Pro. You can discard your changes by clicking Cancel in the upper left corner.

When you are ready to start your stream, tap the red Go Live button. Once the stream is live, you can monitor it live and chat with your viewers directly from the app.

You can tap the share option at any time to send the event link through social media or messaging apps.

 You will continue to see your live preview in the app, as well as the number of viewers on your event, likes, comments, bitrate, and timer.

You can close the preview without stopping the stream by taping the X in the upper left corner. The app will indicate that the Broadcaster Pro is still live. Tap the Broadcaster Pro to re-enter the preview.

When you are ready to stop streaming, tap the red square icon on the right side to end the broadcast.

The app will ask Are you sure? Tap Yes to conclude the stream. You can then give the video on demand a title. To see all publishing options, tap Publish at the bottom of the screen.

 Choose whether to publish the video immediately, schedule when the video on demand is published, or save as a draft.

Clicking Cancel in the upper left will prompt you to either save as a draft or delete the archive.

The app will return to the live preview and be ready to start a stream from the Broadcaster Pro again.

Streaming from the original version of the Livestream Broadcaster is no longer supported. Please contact support with any questions.

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