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What is the Difference between 'Adaptive' and 'Fixed' Qualities?

Streaming from the original version of the Livestream Broadcaster is no longer supported. Please contact support with any questions.

Each Broadcaster device features an adaptive bitrate option, with the ability to adapt over inconsistent networks to send viewers the highest quality stream possible.


Users will notice Adap. (adaptive) and Fix (fixed) options as part of the Broadcaster’s streaming qualities.

When an adaptive bit-rate is selected, the Broadcaster will attempt to maintain the stream at the chosen quality and adapt if bandwidth begins to fluctuate. While this means that the stream’s quality may vary, it allows for a much more stable broadcast.


When a fixed bit-rate is selected, the Broadcaster will maintain the chosen quality despite shifts in bandwidth. While the quality will be consistent, if your bandwidth drops below a sustainable level, the stream will drop frames and your viewers may experience buffering. If it happens frequently enough or severely enough, it may drop the connection entirely. The Fixed option is recommended for users who have consistently and reliably streamed over a strong network.

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