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What are the Streaming Quality Options for the Broadcasters?

Streaming from the original version of the Livestream Broadcaster is no longer supported. Please contact support with any questions.

The Livestream Broadcasters include a variety of single-bitrate quality settings, all available in Adaptive or Fixed modes.

The Broadcaster devices only support single bitrate encoding. Below is a list of the available streaming qualities accompanied by the bit-rate:

  • Mobile (198kbps) - 480x270 - Video Bitrate: 150 - Audio Bitrate: 48
  • Normal (446kbps) - 512x288 - Video Bitrate: 350 - Audio Bitrate: 96
  • Medium (678kbps) - 768x432 - Video Bitrate: 550 - Audio Bitrate: 128
  • High (1696kbps) - 848x480 - Video Bitrate: 1500 - Audio Bitrate: 128
  • HD (2128kbps) - 1280x720 - Video Bitrate: 2000 - Audio Bitrate: 128
  • *HD+ (5192kbps) - 1920x1080 - Video Bitrate: 5000 - Audio Bitrate: 192

*Available on Broadcaster mini and Broadcaster Pro only. Learn more about using HD+.

Livestream recommends allowing twice as much upload speed on your network as the bitrate you wish to stream at to allow for a steady stream should any connectivity fluctuations occur.

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