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Desktop Preferences Menu

Livestream Producer has the ability to capture your desktop, which is great for streaming slideshows, software demonstrations, or video players. This menu includes various settings for this feature among a few other important settings.

  • Show Mouse: Enable/disable the visibility of your mouse during the broadcast.
  • Show Preview: Enable/disable the preview window in the control bar.
  • Highlight mouse: Enable/disable the option to highlight the mouse pointer and set pixel width.
  • Minimize windows when broadcasting: Enable/disable the Producer window during the broadcast.
  • Don't show me any more quality suggestions: Enable/disable tips for quality.
  • Save video to file (Videos folder): Record your broadcast locally and save it to your video folder. This is strongly recommended to ensure backup.
  • Background: Choose the background displayed during 3D Mix mode.
  • Start capture 2nd monitor: Screen capture from either your primary or secondary display.
  • Switch to basic scheme: Switch your desktop display settings to improve performance – Windows Vista/7 only.
  • Restart stream: Configure the stream to restart the broadcast every X hours.
  • Effect Render Method: Allows the user to select the type of graphics rendering utilized by the Screen Capture mode.
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