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Audio Preferences Menu

To customize your audio output settings in Livestream Producer, navigate to Preferences > Audio.

  • Target Bitrate: Adjust the quality of the audio. The higher the bitrate, the higher the quality. We recommend somewhere between 48 and 64 kbps. Note that your total bitrate is the sum of your audio bitrate plus your video bitrate.
  • Sampling Rate: Designate your audio sampling rate.
  • Channels: Choose stereo, mono left, or mono right based on how your audio workflow is set up. For example, if you have a microphone plugged into channel 1 of your camera, you should select Mono Left.
  • Open Audio Mixer: Opens the audio mixer window (see below).
  • Adjust recording volume automatically: The local .mp4 recording's audio will automatically be adjusted.

Audio Mixer: 
Control/mix different audio feeds and adjust levels. You can add, remove, mute, un-mute, and adjust all of your audio sources from this window. This can also be adjusted while live.

Speaker's audio indicates audio coming from the computer (e.g. iTunes, a video playing back, etc.)

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