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How Do I Share Livestream Events with my Viewers?

It's easy to share what you're watching with your friends and the online community. You can promote the event or post on an event in several ways. 

If you have Livestream Premium or higher, you can simulcast your live events directly to Facebook or YouTube or other destinations.

Click the Share icon at the top of any event page.

The URL of the event page will be available for you to copy to your clipboard and paste anywhere.

There are also direct share options for Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr if you wish to share via those channels. 

If you are not signed in to your respective social accounts already, you will be prompted to sign in to continue sharing the event.

You can also share any previous post by going to the Posts menu, selecting a clip, and clicking the Share icon while that video is selected.

A very similar window will pop up that with the direct link to that specific post and the same social media direct-share options.

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